How to use PakStakers

Simple Steps to Get Started

PakStakers provides you with all of the necessary services for staking/mining PakCoin,
You do not have to keep your PC/Device online, which saves money.

Inform Yourself

PakCoins is different from what you know and use every day. Before you start using..

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Download Staking App

Download PakStakers Application, where you can securely start PakCoin staking.

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Deposit PakCoins

Deposit PakCoin in a PakStaker's App Wallet for staking and to send to other PS users.

PakCoin eWallet


Start Staking

Send Pakcoin to your Staking Wallet and set relax PS-APP will staking for you 24/7.

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Staking Made Easy


Cryptocurrency Staking is the purchase of Cryptocoins and keeping (holding) them in an internet connected wallet(s) for a specified time period. At the end of this stipulated period of time you will receive staking rewards. These rewards are an excellent way to earn passive income.
With the upgradation of PakCoin Core to version 0.16.1 PakCoin Staking became possible for PakCoiners, however, it is important to keep your computer or workstations running 24/7 using a fast internet connection to get the maximum rewards.

If you cannot keep your computer online, do not worry, PakStakers is here, we have 24/7 working wallet(s) that will do all the staking for you. Simply send your PakCoins to Pakstakers and relax !!. Your rewards (depends on your coin weightage) will be paid directly into your PakStakers wallet.

  • .   Hassle free staking
  • .   Stake & keep getting rewards
  • .   No billing for electricity or internet
  • .   No need to keep your device online

PakStakers App Interface


Pakistan's Premier Cryptocurrency


It’s been five years since Pakcoin’s inception, it came to the public consideration when a hospital in Pakistan accepted it as a payment method. Abid hospital was the first merchant in Asia to accept any digital currency. Subsequently there are now retailers who accept Pakcoin as a payment method.

Pakcoin is an open source, global payment network that's fully decentralized with no central authority. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. With substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity, Pakcoin has the potential to become an established medium of exchange in Pakistan.

PakCoin has become an established investment commodity among online and physical businesses.

Why Choose PakStakers

We aim to provide the best service possible for our valuable clients. Our Mission is to educate and to provide help and guidance to everyone new to the world of digital payment systems, and to provide a staking/mining platform for all PakCoin enthusiasts.
Safity and Security

Safe & Secure

Be sure and certain of your account security and the safety of your funds

Mobile App

Mobile App

Easy Userfriendly Application Downlaod Now


PS Wallet

Available for PS users to send and receive funds


Expert Support

Our experts are available to help you in any matter

Expert Support

Login Points

A unique system to earn extra coins with staking

PakCoin Exchange


PS-APP provides withdraw in 4 different Ways

CEO's Message

A New Kind of Money


Life is getting tougher these days, with less time to spend and increasing daily expenses. Everyone has the right to try to improve the quality of their lives and to gain more financial freedom and independence. And guess what? People around the world have found a way !!. Set up a system, keep it running and you are done. No, you will not have to invest your money into risky things such as stocks, or forex. This is a relatively simple secure investment and one that many people are now using very successfully to generate income. This investment is Cryptocurrency Staking/Mining.

The PakStakers platform has been built to unlock the full potential of PakCoin, the Premier Cryptocurrency of Pakistan. We basically want to educate the general public about digital currencies, their benefits, ease of online payments and ways they can earn and use it.

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Do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions regarding PakStakers packages, procedures, terms, registration and also about PakCoin Cryptocurrency.